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Grier White

Woody, Grier White here, wife of Jeannine and the guy who had been anxious to meet you until we finally met this past weekend in Knoxville.
I'm pretty sure I gave you a copy of the CD "Feed HIS Sheep." I sure hope so. Though not the same words as the title itself, my title track is track 7, "The Least of These." Combined through and into both titles and the tune is scripture: Matthew 25:40 and John 21 (the whole chapter).
Please give this song a listen. Matthew 25:40 is recited in both English and Tshiluba (with credits found on the inside of the CD package given).
Sale of the CD - along with donations - has been used to help fund the nutrition centers at IMCK and Butoke. After a modest boost in sales this past weekend, $4800 has now been raised and mostly funneled to those needy spots.
You would be welcome to use the song if you were to add music.
Peace, my brother!
Tuasakadilia Nzambi!
Grier "GB" White

PS And thank you for following the call into Congo.

Woody M. Collins

Thanks. It was a pleasure to meet you at Knoxville this year. And I got a copy of your CD. I will let you know how I can use it.

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