Dr Serge Discusses the Importance of Nursing Programs

- I'm with Dr. Serge. Dr. Serge is the medical administrator at IMCK which is one of the premier and biggest hospitals for the Presbyterian Church in the Congo. And I want to have Dr. Serge talk about the importance of nurses. The nurses in the ITM program, where they serve and how important to the overall health and welfare of the people is those nurses in the training programs.


- Thank you, D, for this interview. First of all, I want to thank you for this opportunity to talk about the IMCK and especially to talk about nursing schools. IMCK has several department and especially the Foreman department, except the medical department, the hydro department, public school, public health department. We have the education department. In this department of education, we have two nursing schools. We have high term, we have also this term. One high school and another college. These nursing schools are very important, not only for IMCK, also for the benefit of our province, our city and our country also. We also, we have the students finish the nursing schools, they can help IMCK once they are hired at IMCK, especially in Good Shepherd Hospital. They can help population to heal them. And also, they can help also our country, our province to be developed because we have many medical centers, but sometimes, sometimes we have to face the quality of the students of the . We are working there so that we have, we have these two nursing schools and we hope that they will do good job not only for IMCK, but also for all population around the world because we have a student from IMCK to Kananga, to Kinshasa, the capital of the Congo. We have also the nurse from nursing schools of IMCK in USA, in Europe. I can say in short, around the world, Africa. This is my point of view. Thank you.


- Thank you Dr. Serge.


- Thank you so much. Thank you.

Our First School Supplies Distribution

Congo Helping Hands is distributing school supplies (pens and notebooks) to needy elementary students in Kananga. Our partner, Jim Mukenge, selected 12 schools. Today is day one of the distribution. The children says Thank You to not only to Jeff (Mullins, our Director for Catholic Missions), to Woody (Collins, President and Director for Presbyterian Missions), and to Jim (Mukenge, Partner and Provincial Deputy).  Also, our thanks to Mama Bernadette Ngalula.

Developing a New Written Language

A new written language is about to be born in rural Congo near Kindu. The end result will be a new written Bible for a tribal group. The linguistics group overnight-ed at MPH before departing on this exciting mission.

I am filling-in as manager of the Methodist Presbyterian Hostel (MPH) Guesthouse until the manager returns from the states. I have been using MPH for over 20 years. But now I get a chance to see the MPH from the other side of the check-in desk. This is Day 21 in this assignment.